You can play Froccer in a number of ways:

The best way is with a friend locally using controllers. You can also play keyboard and controller or both keyboard controls.

You can also play on your own against an "AI" opponent. (Though the "I" is a stretch, so if you can find a human to play against, I'd recommend it).


Keyboard 1:

Up/Down/Left/Right: Movement

Right Ctrl: Shoot/Flip

Keyboard 2:

W/A/S/D: Movement

Left Ctrl: Shoot/Flip

Controller 1 & 2:

Left Stick: Movement

X (PS4)/A (Xbox): Shoot/Flip

Built with:

Unity (Engine)
TextMeshPro (Text/UI)
Aseprite (Sprites/Animation)
Bfxr (Sfx)
WolframTones - (Music)


Atari full font by Genshichi Tasui
Licensed as Freeware

Install instructions

Download the archive, extract, and run Froccer.exe


Download 17 MB
Download 17 MB
Download 21 MB
froccer-linux.tar.gz 18 MB

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